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Tony Iommi and Tony Martin: possible collaboration

Tony Iommi and Tony Martin: possible collaboration


Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin was interviewed by Metal Jacket Magazine on 14 May 2017. Here's an excrept from the interview where Tony opens about his future plans on collaboration with Tony Iommi again. 

On the question about the status of the previously proposed reissues of albums from his era of Black Sabbath, featuring bonus material, including some new music:

Tony Martin: "It is definitely possible. I spoke to Tony Iommi just a few weeks ago. He's bought a new house and he's building a new studio. He said he needs to set that up and get that all ready. But when he's ready, I'm happy to do it, and I know he wants to do it. And just the fact that he wants to do it, it's, like, 'Oh, yeah. That's cool.' [Laughs] 'That's cool.' 'Cause those albums have been deleted for a long time, and I think they could sound better. Especially 'Forbidden' — oooohhhh… I hate that. It was the end of my time with Black Sabbath, so it's so… When I listen to it now, I think how I could make it better. So if he gives me the chance, I would love to do that again. Yeah, the possibility is definitely there. If he doesn't die… [Laughs] But, yes, I'm happy to think that it will be sometime soon."

On Black Sabbath's much-maligned "Forbidden" album not sounding like a true Sabbath release:

Tony Martin: "I told Iommi that. It was me, Cozy Powell and Geoff Nicholls, I think, who is also not with us now. We were saying that 'this is not Black Sabbath.' And I understand what they were trying to do — the RUN-D.M.C. thing — but no, it didn't work. It didn't work. I have demos from the rehearsals, and it sounded really cool — really hard, and some of the songs are really kicking it. So I would love to re-record that. And if I got the chance, I'd actually like to re-write some of the lyrics, because my head wasn't there in the album. But if I get the chance, we'll have a go."

Lets hope this collaboration will soon give us all great surprises!, 1 June 2017