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Black Sabbath presented their “13” album to the audience

Black Sabbath presented their “13” album to the audience


Black Sabbath with Rick Rubin presented their new album to the group of media in Los Angeles. Loudwire, present on the party, shares the first impressions:

“Black Sabbath are back!” Fans of the Ozzy Osbourne-led line up have been waiting to hear that statement for nearly 35 years, and on Wednesday night (April 10) in Hollywood, California USA, a small theater full of select media and VIPs could officially finally make that claim. Thankfully, Loudwire was among the lucky attendees.

Before the songs off the disc were played for those in attendance, Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack welcomed the audience and played a short film on the making of the album that his company created. In it, viewers get to see the giddiness of producer Rick Rubin, who proclaims that he’s thrilled to be working on a new Sabbath album that can stand next to the others because, as he says, we’d all played the others so many times in the past. Viewers get to see the camaraderie of the group, which is on display as Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler kid the new guy, Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, who manned the skins in the absence of Bill Ward. Wilk spoke of what a fun experience it was, as they never took things too seriously. Upon one of his hard hitting drum beats in the studio, a startled Osbourne jumped, proclaiming, “F—ing hell, he just woke me up!”

Also on display was the band’s determination to make the album they wanted to make. As Osbourne states in the film, “I’m making an album I like and if someone else likes it, great.” He would go on to call the ’13′ disc “quite possibly the most important album of my career.”

Upon first listen, it’s clear that Black Sabbath’s ’13′ will be a standout metal album of 2013. Fans will hear a lot of what has made the band legends in the first place while experiencing the freshness of some new music. At the end of the session, Osbourne, Iommi and Butler made a surprise guest appearance. They were greeted with cheers and thanked the audience for listening. There should be plenty more applause coming their way once the ’13′ album arrives on June 11.


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Chad Childers for Loudwire, 11 April 2013
Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images