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Black Sabbath Finish Recording Album, Plot Tour + Offer Tony Iommi Health Update

Black Sabbath Finish Recording Album, Plot Tour + Offer Tony Iommi Health Update


It’s official! Black Sabbath have completed recording their upcoming album, “13”. Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler announced the exciting news to Eddie Trunk in a video interview at the NAMM convention, in addition to offering an update on guitarist Tony Iommi‘s current battle with cancer.

In the interview, Butler spoke all about all things Black Sabbath. “We’ve finished recording it,” reveals the bassist of the album.

“Tony’s back in England putting down a couple of solos. Then we start mixing it in Febraury and it will be out in June. The provisional title is ‘13’ — unless we can come up with something more constructive. I’ve written most of the lyrics. Ozzy comes up with the titles and then gives me an inspiration to write the lyrics. I think we’ve got 16 songs and I’ve written 14 sets of lyrics.”

Butler also updated fans on Black Sabbath’s touring plans. And guess what folks? They’re going all over the world! “We start at the end of April in New Zealand, then we go to Australia, then Japan,” begins the bassist. “June, we’ll be promoting the album, then July and August [is] USA. Then October is South America and Europe in November and December.”

Black Sabbath were planning on touring extensively in 2012, but the lymphoma diagnosis of legendary riff master Tony Iommi stalled the heavy metal band’s plans. However, Butler has good news to spread about Iommi’s health. “[Tony]‘s doing well; he’s really responding well,” Butler assures. “He has to go and have his medication every six weeks. But yeah, he’s really coming along well; he’s really doing well.”

As for who will be drumming with the band, that is still not determined. After original drummer Bill Ward left the outfit over contract disputes, Tommy Clufetos filled in for the few shows that Sabbath played last year. However, Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk plays on the actual album. “We’re not sure yet; we don’t know. ‘Cause I think Brad’s got commitments with Rage Against the Machine. So it’ll probably be either Tommy or Brad, depending on their commitments.”

So does that mean Rage Against the Machine might be touring in 2013, too? Fingers crossed!

But getting back to Sabbath, if everything goes to plan, 2013 should be an incredible year!

Graham’Gruhamed’ Hartmann for Loudwire, 2 February 2013

Photo Tim Whitby, Getty Images