British Honour to Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi Solo Albums


Divine 2000, no charts position;

Laughing Man (in the Devil Mask)
Vocals: Henry Rollins, Bass: Terry Phillips, Drums: Jimmy Copley;
Vocals: Skin, Bass: Bob Marlette, Drums: John Tempesta, Additional Guitar: Ace;
Goodbye Lament
Vocals: Dave Grohl, Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Dave Grohl, Additional Guitar: Brian May;
Time is Mine
Vocals: Phil Anselmo, Bass; Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron;
Vocals: Serj Tankian, Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Jimmy Copley;
Black Oblivion
Vocals: Billy Corgan, Bass: Billy Corgan, Drums: Kenny Aronoff, Additional Guitar: Billy Corgan;
Flame On
Vocals: Ian Astbury, Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron, Additional Guitar: Brian May;
Just Say No to Love
Vocals: Peter Steele, Bass: Peter Steele / Laurence Cottle, Drums: Matt Cameron;
Who’s Fooling Who
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne, Bass: Laurence Cottle, Drums: Bill Ward;
Into the Night
Vocals: Billy Idol, Bass: Ben Shepherd, Drums: Matt Cameron.

The tracks written by:
Iommi / Rollins / Marlette
Iommi / Skin / Marlette
Iommi / Grohl / Marlette
Iommi / Anselmo / Marlette
Iommi / Tankian / Marlette
Iommi / Corgan
Iommi / Astbury / Marlette
Iommi / Steele / Marlette
Iommi / Osbourne / Marlette
Iommi / Idol / Marlette

Produced, engineered and mixed by Bob Marlette
Recorded at A&M Studios, USA.


The 1996 DEP Sessions With Glenn Hughes

Mayan 2004, no charts position;

Gone - From Another World - Don’t You Tell Me - Don’t Drag the River - Fine - Time is the Healer - I’m Not the Same Man - It Falls Through Me

All tracks by Anthony Frank Iommi and Glenn Hughes.

Tony Iommi – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass
Don Airey, Geoff Nicholls, Mike Exeter – Keyboards
Jimmy Copley – Drums
Produced by Tony Iommi
Engineered by Mike Exeter
Originally recorded at Cabin Studios, Coventry, DEP Studios and Tone Hall Studio Birmingham.



Sanctuary 2005, no charts position.

Dopamine - Wasted Again - Savior of the Real - Resolution Song - Grace - Deep Inside a Shell - What You’re Living For - Face Your Fear - The Spell - I Go Insane

Japan bonus track: Let It Down Easy
Rolling Stone magazine bonus track: Slip Away
iTunes bonus track: The Innocence;

All tracks by Anthony Frank Iommi, Glenn Hughes.

Tony Iommi – Guitars
Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass
Kenny Aronoff – Drums
Bob Marlette – Keyboards, Bass
Produced, engineered and mixed by Tony Iommi and Bob Marlette.
Recorded at Monnow Valley Studios, Wales.

Some outtakes:

The Fallen (from Black Sabbath’s Born Again album);

Cloak And Dagger (from Black Sabbath’s Headless Cross album);

What's The Use (from Black Sabbath's Cross Purposes album);

Loser Gets It All (from Black Sabbath’s Forbidden album);

The Bastard (from Tony Iommi’s first official solo album Iommi) featuring Philip Anselmo;

Something Wicked This Way Comes (from Tony Iommi’s first official solo album Iommi) featuring Scooter Ward;

Let It Down Easy (from Tony Iommi’s Fused album) Japan bonus track;

Slip Away (from Tony Iommi’s Fused album) Rolling Stone bonus track;

The Innocence (from Tony Iommi’s Fused album) bonus track from “i tunes”;

How Good It Is (special free digital release) Tony Iommi and Birmingham Cathedral Choir.