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Tony's and Sabbath's glorious UK last gigs!


Tony and his Black Sabbath is bringing its storied career to a close in its native England, with seven shows booked there in January and February. The last two, on February 2 and February 4, will take place in Sabbath's hometown of Birmingham and will likely be their final shows.

Asked if he has regrets about anything that transpired during Sabbath's nearly five-decade career, Tony told Kerrang! magazine:

"You always think there's loads of things you could've done, but would you be where you are now if you'd done them? I could say, 'Oh, I wish I hadn't done all those drugs in the early days,' but there must have been a reason, somewhere along the line, why you do these things, so you learn something and go on to the next stage. I can complain about things, but there's been a reason for it."

Sabbath rolled back the years with a stunning performance at the Glasgow Hydro that had heavy-metal headbangers of all ages screaming for more, writes "The Scottish Sun". Here's the excrept from the newspaper:

"With original members,  Geezer Butler on bass and the sensational Tony Iommi shredding on lead guitar, the huge crowd in the arena were left stunned at how easy they make it all look. The current line-up also boasts the incredible Tommy Clufetos who treated us to a remarkable drum solo half-way through the set as the front three caught their breath. On a murky Glasgow night the packed Hydro audience got what they came for on what is billed as a farewell tour. All the old hits were laid on the table with Fairies Wear Boots, Snowblind and Hand of Doom among the highlights of the evening. The classic tunes made sure the fans in the mosh pit on the floor of the Hydro  were kept in an energetic  frenzy for almost the entire night. It’s a pity the band could only afford a one song encore – but then that song was Paranoid. With Ozzy in full swing the crowd indulged in one last extravaganza of headbanging before disappearing into the night with their ears ringing."

Below are some footage from Dublin and Glasgow.,, 27 January 2017


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