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Tony reveals that activity in his throat wasn't cancerous


Tony Iommi has told Planet Rock the operation he had to remove a lump from his throat was a success and it isn’t cancerous!

Back in December, Tony broke the news that doctors discovered new activity in his throat and they were unsure whether the lump was cancerous until he went under the knife. Speaking to Wyatt of Planet Rock, to promote the choral arrangement he has penned for Birmingham Cathedral, Tony said he received the ultimate gift when he was told on Christmas Day that the lump wasn’t cancerous:

“Well, I had the treatment when I got back from South America,” Tony said, “I went in for the throat (operation) – they found a lump at the back of my sinus in the throat and we had to have it checked in case it may have been cancerous. But it turns out it wasn’t, which I found out on Christmas Day, which is brilliant! So far (I’m all good). I daren’t say that - I’ll probably fall down the stairs now!”

Best ever news for all us Iommifans worldwide! We congratulate you, dear Master, and send you love! 

                                                        GOD BLESS YOU, IRON MAN!        

                                                                    \\M//   \\M//

You can listen Planet Rock’s full phone interview with Tony below where he also talks about his choral arrangement ‘How Good It Is’ in detail., 6 January 2017

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