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Tony Iommi supports Macmillan Cancer Foundation


Tony Iommi visited Macmillan Cancer Support foundation's awareness campaign event at Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham today, 26 August 2015, to help highlight the loneliness often felt by people fighting cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support presented a special tool - Isolation Box, that allows people on the outside to look in - but the people inside can't see out. The box pratically simulates the isolation and solitude that a person affected with cancer feels. 

While interviewed, Tony opens about his own dealing with cancer : "It is like you're in a box even though you've got all your family and your friends around you it's very difficult it's very lonely. But the answer is to talk to people."

We, at Tony Iommi Fan-Tastic team, are happy to be a little helpful to this great work. The double album "Great Lefty: Live Forever! Tribute to Tony Iommi Godfather of Metal" released on May 4 this year, is our effort to help people affected with cancer. All the profits from the album will be transferred to Macmillan Cancer. 

Prof. Martin Jacobsen, author of the liner notes to the album, says: "Macmillan Cancer Support has mostly been a name to me until today. Seeing the news about this event in Birmingham, seeing them reach out in innovative ways, makes it seem much more real to me and makes our Great Lefty project that much more special. We've done a good thing for a good reason: we have contributed to the lives of others. Tony's participation in this recent effort feels like a mark of approval for our collective effort. It's not everyday that you can say "We are all in this together" and know that one of the "we" is Tony Iommi.

I'm feeling a different sense of accomplishment from our work today. We're involved in something that makes a real difference in real lives. This is like good karma. John Donne wrote that "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." Today, I want to suggest that anyone's life augments mine for the same reason. We've become a little more involved in mankind as a result of our love for a kind man - Tony Iommi.
Long may we all live."


26 August 2015

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