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Tony Iommi jams with star struck kids on Guitar Star TV program


The musician has not played with novices in 20 years but took time out to coach the young hopefuls on the Sky Arts talent show Guitar Star.

Legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi surprised the five rock finalists of Sky Arts’ Guitar Star series with exclusive one-on-one mentoring and jam sessions. 

Shown in this exclusive clip below, the scenes were filmed for next Tuesday's finals and mark the first time Iommi has ever jammed with anyone in over 20 years other than rocker friends Brian May and Eddie Van Halen, according to the broadcaster.

After meeting the finalists and performing intimate renditions of hits Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Iron Man and Into The Void, Iomini spent time coaching each of them for a live performance at London’s 100 Club.

Ben Cornish, a 13-year-old from Devon, was first to jam with Tony and said: “I can’t believe it, me being here and me playing with him. He can really think riffs up on the spot.” Ben Cornish was given a signed Laney TI15 112 by Tony himself as a gift!

Alfie Glass, who was 12 years old when he auditioned for the series, impressed the Sabbath star by jamming the 1971 hit Into The Void. Iommi said of their session: “I wanted to play it with him to make him feel a bit more comfortable. And just show him how I play it. He picked it up quickly. He’s a quick learner.”  Alfie added: “He is the Iron Man of heavy metal; it’s so cool. Today has been the best day of my life so far because I’ve met Tony Iommi, had some nice chips at lunch and I’m at a really cool place here.”
Fellow finalists Martin Mickels, Chris Brennan and Harry Elliot all received mentor sessions, with Harry Elliot commenting; “To have a one-on-one with Tony, I needed someone to pinch me. I didn’t think it was real. To have him four or five feet away from me while I was showing him how I play… it was ridiculous.”

U.K.'s Total Guitar magazine spoke to Tony ahead of filming about his first experiences recording in a studio. He also talked about one of his oldest Jaydee Custom SG guitars, handmade by John Diggins. Watch videos below!, Sky Arts,, 11 July 2015

Photo courtesy Roger Cornish


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