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Tony Iommi fans! Support Dorians tune for Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Finals tomorrow by televote!


It was recently revealed that a song written by Tony Iommi has been chosen as Armenia’s entry into the Eurovision contest. Dorians frontman Gor Sujyan’s “Lonely Planet” has now made it to the finals!

Tony Iommi remarks: "Congratulations to my friends The Dorians on making it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow! Also thank you to everyone who supported them, don't forget, we need your help again on Saturday (May 18th)."

The finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 are being held in Malmö, Sweden, 18th May, and can be seen on BBC 3 in the United Kingdom (or Rai Due in Italy), at 21.00. Please support Dorians with “Lonely Planet” by televoting at the end of the show! It is possible to vote 20 times!

Let’s make Tony’s song win! Good luck, dear Tony!


17 May 2013
Photo Vertigo/Universal


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