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Photo session from Amsterdam and Dortmund gigs


Hello Iommi fans! Sorry for the pause in posting, I was traveling for one week for Sabbath gigs ...
The Mighty Master Tony was majestic, regal, divine .......!
Would like to say a couple of words about a soundcheck I heard in was a rare occasion to hear our boys! At the beginning they played Iron Man all together with Ozzy singing so cool. After that other three performed Dear Father, and Tony was riffing like thunder God. Then Geezer played Bassically. After that we heard Tony performing the main riff of Voodoo, and he launched in a distorted lightning speed solo. It was fantastic! We were breathless! Sometimes he does things on soundchecks that are better than stage work. Tony ended with some clean jazzy soloing, that reminds in what he used to do at early days. The last thing was Tommy Clufetos crashing his plates. Unfortunately it was impossible to record, a metal door was deafening the sound, we only heard it putting our ears on the cracks. I bet somebody recorded it, who was inside that hall. Keep an eye on youtube, bros!

Here's our photo session taken by reporter Lorraine Parker at two Black Sabbath concerts: 28 November 2013 at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and 30 November 2013 at Westfallenhalle Arena in Dortmund, Germany. Enjoy!


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Rosie Piergiorgi, 5 November 2013


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