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Tony Iommi becomes Visiting Professor at Coventry university


Guitar Superstar Tony Iommi is already the master of the riff, but now, the heavy metal God is now a music professor at Coventry University!

Last year, Iommi was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by Coventry University “in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music.” These honorary doctorates are usually awarded simply to show appreciation, but Coventry have taken Iommi’s affiliation with them to the next level. Iommi has officially been appointed as a Visiting Professor of Music.

With his new role, Iommi actually carried out his first official engagement on campus in May, imparting the shredder’s own wisdom upon students. 

“To watch Tony interact with the students was an absolute privilege,” says Dr. Geoff Willcocks, Coventry University’s Director of Arts and Culture. “He was incredibly generous and open with them about all aspects of his work. Tony is without doubt a rock icon and he’s an inspiration to so many people around the world.  It’s wonderful to have such an important and respected international figure working with us.”

Dr. Sara Reed, Head of Department for Performing Arts at the University, adds, “It is a tremendous honour to have Tony here with us as a Visiting Professor. His huge wealth of experience and musical knowledge is beyond value to our students. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to learn from such an immensely talented individual and all in the department sincerely look forward to working with Tony in the future.”

Tony Iommi plans to return to Coventry for the fall semester to work directly with some extremely lucky students on their songwriting and composition skills.


Graham Hartmann for Loudwire, 6 June 2014

Photo Coventry university

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