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Tony becomes a patron of Wythall Animal Sanctuary


Tony Iommi, apart of being a genial musician, and a living legend in rock, also has a heart of gold, when it comes to animal protection. Tony always was an animal lover, he had dozens of dogs, and rescued dogs himself. Tony's lovely rottweilers are inseparable part of his image, along with leather jacket and SG guitar. Tony just posted the following statement on his website and socials, sharing some great news with us fans: 

"I'm pleased to say that I’ve become a patron of Wythall Animal Sanctuary, near Birmingham. They are an amazing organization who never give up on helping animals no matter what they are. Having had rescue dogs myself I understand how important it is to find a suitable home for pets that have been abandoned. Here's a link to their Facebook site, please support the good work. : Wythall Animal Sanctuary  

Many thanks, Tony."

Wythall Animal Sanctuary also happily announced the amazing news: 

"OK we can't wait until next week to tell you our fantastic news... The fantastic and talented Tony Iommi has agreed to be a Patron of our charity!!! How cool is that??! More information about Tony and what he thinks of the sanctuary will be posted on our website very soon. 

Iommifans worldwide, lets support this organization on their Facebook and Twitter wythall_as pages and help with donations! British fans, and everyone who can visit them, can adopt the pets. 
If Tony cares we care!,, 11 November 2015

Photo by Wythall AS

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