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Tony and his Sabbath rocks West Palm Beach, Florida 31st July 2013


The band's setlist at July 31 concert at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida was as follows:

01. War Pigs
02. Into The Void
03. Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes
04. Snowblind
05. Age Of Reason
06. Black Sabbath
07. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
08. N.I.B.
09. End Of The Beginning
10. Fairies Wear Boots
11. Methademic
12. Rat Salad
13. Drum Solo
14. Iron Man
15. God Is Dead?
16. Dirty Women
17. Children Of The Grave


18. Paranoid

Tony Iommi told The Pulse Of Radio a while back how hard it is for Sabbath to make up a set list. "There are so many tracks that it's really difficult what to pick, because there's always somebody gonna go, 'Oh, why didn't you play that one? Why didn't you play this?' you know," he said. "And there's only a limited time you can play as well, so you've gotta work out a set that everybody wants to do without upsetting the people that say, 'Oh, I wanted to hear this. I wanted to hear that,' you know? But you've gotta drop some to put new ones in, and it's hard."

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