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Soul singer Charles Bradley covers Sabbath's Changes


Soul heavyweight Charles Bradley has just released an absolutely beautiful cover of Black Sabbath‘s “Changes.” Expanding on Sabbath’s blues influence, Bradley turns “Changes” into a soulful powerhouse drenched in a heavy emotional sweat.

Charles Bradley has been an active musician for an astounding 50 years; singing for longer than Black Sabbath or the metal genre has even existed. Despite this, Bradley didn’t release his first solo album until 2011, finally breaking out at the age of 62.“Changes” is a standout track in the career of Black Sabbath, departing from the pure heavy metal sound showcased throughout their legendary Vol. 4 album.

Charles Bradley holds a special connection to “Changes.” “I think about the lyrics very closely when I sing ‘Changes’ and get emotional,” Bradley says in a statement. “It makes me think of my mother and the changes in my life since she passed away. ”Bradley’s music video for “Changes” conveys his raw emotional state. He expresses more simply with facial expressions than a whole cinematic narrative could carry. The song’s power pierces through the computer screen, so be sure to prepare for an intense experience.

Check out Charles Bradley’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” in the clip below!, 10 December 2015


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