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Sabbath boys sound optimistic about making more new music


Black Sabbath were honoured with a Grammy Award in the "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category for the "13" track “God Is Dead?” at Sunday night in Los Angeles. When interviewed Black Sabbath say they are interested in recording another album.

“We're going back on the road," Ozzy Osbourne told Rolling Stone of potential recording projects. "We haven't really spoken about it beyond that. I'm down for it."

"Absolutely," added Tony Iommi.

"Sabbath recorded their latest effort, “13”, with producer Rick Rubin, who helped the band complete an album because "we were running out of time," said Ozzy.

"We didn't know what to expect," added bassist Geezer Butler about the “13” sessions. "It felt like the natural thing to do, rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. We just wanted to be together and play together again and write songs. We didn't want to go out on tour and do the same set as we've been doing for 30 years."


28 January, 2014
Photo Vertigo Records



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