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Sabbath boys open new dressing rooms at Birmingham's NIA

Black Sabbath’s return to their hometown last month as part of their “13” world tour also gave the band a chance to be the first to open the new dressing rooms at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena (NIA).

The Birmingham Mail reports the official opening the new five-star dressing rooms at the NIA was part of the venue’s £26 million redevelopment.

The dressing room completion is a key milestone in the NIA redevelopment, with the world-class venue on track for opening season in January 2015.

“It’s really cool to have Black Sabbath – from Birmingham – open our new dressing rooms at the NIA, at such an exciting time for the redevelopment,” said Phil Mead, Managing Director, Arenas, NEC Group, “We’ve got one year to go until opening season 2015 and building work is on track.”

“Black Sabbath are the first artists to be in the new dressing rooms, and we wanted to celebrate their heritage with the city,” he added. “They’ve signed the brand new artist and performer wall in the dressing room corridor, creating a piece of history!"


Birmingham Mail, 14 January 2014
Photo Birmingham Mail


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