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New “End Of The Beginning” song performed live in Auckland


Tony Iommi and his bandmates kicked off their 2013 reunion tour last night (April 19th) at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. Tony himself, singer Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Geeezer Butler and drummer Tommy Clufetos stormed through a set of classic material and played two songs from the new album, 13: “End Of The Beginning” and the first single “God Is Dead?”.

As reported by Blabbermouth, the band delivered a show filled with classics, opening with “War Pigs”, moving on through such loved tunes as “Snowblind”, “N.I.B.” and “Iron Man” before closing out the main set with “Children of the Grave”. The encore consisted of only one song, “Paranoid”.

According to, Sabbath performed the following songs:

'War Pigs'
'Into The Void'
'Under the Sun'
'Electric Funeral'
'Black Sabbath'
'Behind The Wall Of Sleep'
'End Of The Beginning'
'Fairies Wear Boots'
'Symptom Of The Universe'
Drum Solo
'Iron Man'
'God Is Dead?'
'Dirty Women'
'Children Of The Grave'

Encore: 'Paranoid ('Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' intro)

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