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Laney reissues Supergroup LA100BL and new Iommi signature boost pedal


Tony Iommi the living legend is honoured by Black Country Customs.

At this year's NAMM 2017 Laney Amplifiers just announced great news! Laney presented what all guitarists of all Sabbath tribute bands, and not only, were dreaming about for decades - the new Tony Iommi LA100BL amplifier, which is the legendary Supergroup reissue, LA412 cabinet, and a TI-Boost pedal, which is a modern version of Rangemaster Treble Booster! 

Sabbath paradise!

Arguably the best band from Birmingham ever, rock legends Black Sabbath have a sound that every respectable guitar player can cite as being classic – with no argument. Tony Iommi, apart from being a living legend also has, at any rate – the most amazing guitar tone. He has forever been associated with Laney amps. We all know that Black Sabbath are about to play their last ever live dates before they put themselves out to pasture, so this new amp rig and pedal has been made to emulate the guitar sound that Iommi defined on that first Sabbath album. We also hear Tony will be using this set up live on the final tour as well!

What are Laney Black Country Customs?

This new amp is made by Laney’s Black Country Customs department and is all hand-wired point-to-point, with a hand-drilled turret board and an original box frame output transformer. It’s going to be heavy in so many ways. The amlifiers have kept it all to original specifications, with a simple control layout of Gain One, Gain Two, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence. All is as it should be – this thing will put a huge smile on any Sabbath fan’s face when it gets cranked it up to let rip.

What is TI-Boost pedal?

A large part of Mr Iommi’s tone is his modified Rangemaster treble booster, which was juicing the front end of those old valve amps. Laney have recreated one and added a few new features including Drive and Volume controls, plus a Mid switch and controls for High and Low. This is a big change to the original Rangemaster treble booster and I hope it doesn’t detract from the simplicity of the original pedals too much. But if it’s good enough for Tony, then I’m sure it will be evil!

RRP and availability details will be announced soon, but for now the LA100BL, LA412 and TI-BOOST are supplied as a package and strictly limited to 50 sets globally. But if there'll be a huge demand, the package most probably go in mass production.
Please go to Laney Official Website and email them to order yours!, 26 January 2017

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