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Ian Gillan recalls fantastic times he spent with Black Sabbath!


In a recent interview to Myglobalmind Ian Gillan remembers happy time he spent with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler during Black Sabbath's Born Again era, and explains some things about Who Cares charity project he made with Tony.

Myglobalmind: How do you attempt to explain the high global chart positions of latest album”Who Cares”It has achieved astonishing success all around the globe. Was there anything different song wise or production wise that could possibly account for that?

Ian “I can never ever explain anything that happens in the commercial world. I have no grasp of it or understanding of it, and I have never ever worked in that area. If we have commercial success there is only one explanation that we are in tune with something or other but we don’t know what. We certainly don’t plan it that way, I think people probably take an interest or make an effort. I don’t know.”

Myglobalmind: I read that you agreed to join Black Sabbath after a heavy night out with Tony Iommi. Looking back how do you view the period that you spent with Black Sabbath?

Ian”That was the longest party that I ever went to. That lasted about a year the recording and the tour. I was at a loose end, I had no band and they had no singer. It worked out pretty conveniently for all of us really. Yeah we went out and got smashed one night, Tony, Geezer Butler and I. We ended up under the table and had to be swept out. My manager called me the next day and said if you are going to make career decisions maybe you should give me a call first. I said that I don’t know what you are talking about but apparently I had agreed to join Black Sabbath the night before. It was one of those things and I had a fantastic time. I have great memories of it and I am still in touch with Tony. We do a few bits and pieces together. I’m just following his progress on tour in America at the moment.”

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Myglobalmind, 31 August 2013




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