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Happy 69th Birthday to Master Tony!


On this day, Sunday 19 February 2017, one of the greatest guitarists ever, the father-creator of metal, the master of riffage, the one and only Iron Man, Tony Iommi, turns 69!

It is a very special day for every Iommifan, we celebrate this date as our international HolyIommiDay! 

Black Sabbath celebrated it's "The End" last tour dates with majestic performances on Genting Arena in Birmingham. But for Tony it's not the end at all - it is the very beginning! We wish Tony a very successful and satisfying solo career and great new projects, strong IRON health, happiness and much love! 

                                      ❤ HAPPY JOYFUL BIRTHDAY, DEAR TONY! ❤

                                                        \omm/  \omm/

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