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Geezer Butler receives Walk of Stars plaque in Birmingham, Tony congratulates his bandmate


On Sunday 3d February, Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath’s co-founding member, bass player, songwriter, and main lyricist, was immortalized on the Broad Street Walk of Stars in Birmingham. The ceremony took place at Aston Villa’s home ground, with Geezer receiving his star during the half-time of the Aston Villa vs Burton FC match. The honour was presented by Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Anne Underwood. 

Tony Iommi, was on hand for the presentation, he shared the whole celebration day with his dear buddy Geezer, and later took to social media to post the following: "I was so pleased to see my dear friend Geezer Butler last night and to finally see him joining myself and Ozzy on Broad St Walk Of Stars in Birmingham. He received his award on the pitch of his favourite football team Aston Villa and it was presented to him by The Lord Mayor of Birmingham. Congratulations Geez! Tony."

The Birmingham Walk of Stars was developed to recognize those who were born in Birmingham or have lived here and have put the city on the map nationally and internationally through their work. This Walk of Star presentation is in partnership with Aston Villa, House of Metal, and Hollywood Metal.

In behalf of all Sabbath fans, we congratulate our Geezer with this fantastic award! And hats off to our brother Mohammed Osama, Geezer and Gloria's friend and superfan, who, with his tremendous dedication and hard work, achieved this Victory to Geezer! You guys rock! \m/,, 3 February 2018


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