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Charity lunch for Tony and his fans - great success!


Tony’s charity lunch in support of the cancer ward at Heartlands Hospital revealed itself as a great success. Tony had a one hour Q&A session and  provided signed items for a raffle. Happy fans were at seventh heaven, this was really an incredible evening. 

This exclusive lunch with rock legend Tony Iommi at Opus Restaurant on 20 April 2018 was only the first one from few planned for this year. Tony had conversations with guests, and told stories from his life and career with Black Sabbath, touring the world with one of the biggest bands of all time.

Tony published the following information on his social media:

"Many thanks to everyone who came to the lunch yesterday, you raised over £23,000! The money will go towards equipping the new cancer ward. You’re real fans and special people. Tony

P.S. Thanks to Brenda Romero for this lovely photograph from the event. L-R: Gary Newbon (the interviewer), myself, Maria, Dr Paneesha, & Dr Nikolousis."

Tony is Patron of Ward 19, the dedicated cancer ward at Heartlands Hospital and is supporting the Charity's campaign to raise £150,000 for an extension of cancer services at Solihull Hospital. This unit will increase the amount of cancer patients who can be treated by 170%, reducing waiting times, reducing stess and creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for patients., Photo Brenda Romero, 21 April 2018 

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