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Black Sabbath's USA tour is over!


Black Sabbath's North American tour is over with the last date at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 3 September 2013.
The guys posted this statement on their official Facebook page:

"Whew! That went by fast. It seems like we just started the tour and now it’s over. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us on our North American tour. The audience response every night was unbelievable for which we thank you. We’ll be touring through South America all of October and then we’ll finish 2013 in Europe in November and December. We love you all and keep listening to Black Sabbath!"

Now, get rest and relax, Tony and guys! The South American and European fans can't wait to see you!
Long live Black Sabbath!
Long live Mighty Tony! \\m//

You can see the photo albums of the American tour on our Facebook page Tony Iommi Fan-Tastic.

6 September 2013



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