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Black Sabbath’s limited edition boxset The Ten Year War nominated for AIM Awards


Black Sabbath’s limited edition vinyl boxset The Ten Year War is nominated for the Association of Independent Music (AIM) Awards in the category ‘Best Creative Packaging’. The exclusive boxset was released by BMG last year, including the first eight albums of the UK metal band. It sold out almost instantly after their release.

Despite Black Sabbath’s multi-million selling albums and rabid fan base throughout the seventies, this adulation wasn’t always mirrored by the music press at the time. The band received lots of criticism, prompting them to publish ‘The Ten Year War’ brochure; a playful dig at journalists with the witty tagline “more good press than most – more bad press than any.” The brochure is reproduced in full for the box set and is one of the many exclusive items held within that also includes eight vinyls reproduced in their original sleeves, two rare 7” singles, a Crucifix shaped Black Sabbath USB stick, a hardback book, reprinted tour posters and more.

The cover art of the box was designed by globally renowned street artist, graphic designer and activist Shepard Fairey.

AIM provides a collective voice for UK’s independent music industry and represents over 800 member companies. Their annual AIM Awards will be held on September 4, 2018., 11 August 2018

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