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Black Sabbath to play new single “End Of The Beginning” on CSI finale in May


A new surprise waiting for the fans of The Great Lefty and the Mighty Sabbath!

According to, Black Sabbath will do a cameo in CSI's season finale. In the lead-up to the release of their upcoming album, “13”, the band will appear in the finale of the crime drama on May 15, CBS announced Wednesday. The band will play a concert in the show attended by some of the characters. The performance in CSI will debut “13” first single, “End Of The Beginning”. 

“When we first heard that Black Sabbath was interested in premiering a song on CSI from their first studio album in 35 years, we were all really excited,” said the show's executive producer, Don McGill, in a release. “So many of us are longtime fans.”

Sabbath's Geezer Butler adds: “I've seen almost every episode of CSI, so it's cool to say I'm actually in the season finale! Black Sabbath will be playing a track from the new album; watch out for it!”

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