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Black Sabbath release Halloween Horror video


Black Sabbath has released a new video - 3D maze of horror at Universal Studios this Halloween.

The theme park’s annual Halloween Horror Nights event, which opened to the public 20 September, boasts a new attraction that draws inspiration from Sabbath’s darkest lyrics and music, incorporating classic tracks into “a nightmarish landscape of doom” featuring “horrifying graveyards, disturbing madhouses and bone-chilling battlefields", all the elements “inspired by” the band’s recent reunion album "13".

The new video doesn’t reveal much of the maze, but it does show plenty of clips of people having their Geezer Butlers scared off by its many fiendish thrills, which reportedly include “a heart-stopping Lucifer and his bride, blood-soaked dead bodies and bubbling pools of ‘radioactive water.’” The whole thing looks and sounds like a perfect night out for Sabbath fans.

The new teaser adds a second promotional clip to the band’s publicity efforts on behalf of the maze; earlier this month, they posted a video taking fans behind the scenes of the attraction and showing Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi reacting to Universal Studios creative director John Murdy’s plans for attendees. ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is scheduled to run through 2 November.

Jeff Goles for Ultimate Classic Rock, 26 September 2013

Photo by Vertigo Records


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