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Black Sabbath Guitarist: We'd never worked with anybody like Rick Rubin before


Jack Osbourne, the son of the singer Ozzy Osbourne, has filed a video report for Fuse on the invite-only listening party for the band's new album, "13" — the first in 35 years to feature Ozzy, bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Tony Iommi — which was held on Wednesday (April 10) at The Montalban in Los Angeles, California. 

Iommi stated about the writing process for the LP: "I had a bunch of riffs on CDs and played it to everybody, and then everybody decided, 'We like this one' or 'We don't like that,' and the ones we liked, we started work on them, built them up."

Jack also asked Sabbath if they had any apprehensions about working with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who is notorious for being very "in and out" of the studio while records are being made. "It was funny at first, because coming to rehearsals, when we were actually writing the songs, he'd come down for like, five or ten minutes and then go," Iommi said. "Then he'd go, 'Call me when you've got another one.' So it was really strange. We'd never worked with anybody like that before."

Loudwire noted the "bluesy," groove-oriented and heavy feel of the songs, saying, "Upon first listen, it's clear that Black Sabbath's '13' will be a standout metal album of 2013. Fans will hear a lot of what has made the band legends in the first place while experiencing the freshness of some new music."

"13" is due out June 11 on Vertigo/Republic. This marks the band's return to Vertigo, their original label, and the group's first studio album together since 1978's "Never Say Die!" They have sold more than 70 million albums together.

Read more and watch the video on, 12 April 2013


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