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Armenian music school is opened! News from Tony and Ian Gillan


Tony Iommi just posted a message on his official website:

"Great news, the school in Armenia was officially opened today. I wasn't able to go but Ian did the honours, thanks mate. Tim from Millbank Music also went which was really good as he could see the instruments he sent over being used. I'm hoping to visit next year when things have slowed down a bit."

Go to to see the photograph of the new Gyumri N6 music school. Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi's co-founded WhoCares supergroup released a single and later an album "Out Of My Mind" raising funds for the construction of this school.

Armenian posted a statement about Ian Gillan revealing his projects:

"Ian Gillan said this in Mediamax's office during a press conference today. Speaking on his further plans, the rock musician said that 'should have a bit of rest from Deep Purple projects and he now talks about the possibility of start of the new album together with Tony Iommi". and, 20 September 2013




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