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Black Sabbath Tribute Album Given Away For Free With Metal Hammer Magazine! A good tribute for Mighty Sabbath done by Metal Hammer Greece!


"Sabbath Cadabra" is a compilation album released by Metal Hammer Greece, which features Greek bands covering tracks from Black Sabbath's entire career. The CD will be given away for free with Metal Hammer Greece issue #340, on sale Tuesday, April 2.

Commented Metal Hammer Greece: "Black Sabbath invented heavy metal. The least we could do in order to celebrate their legacy is to gather some of the best Greek bands and have them play Sabbath's ecstatic music. Enjoy and worship the riff lords."

"Sabbath Cadabra" track listing:

* ROTTING CHRIST - "Black Sabbath"
* INNERWISH - "Neon Knights"
* SEPTEMBER CODE - "Fairies Wear Boots"
* SORROWS PATH - "Killing Yourself to Live"
* NIGHTFALL - "Jerusalem"
* BATTLEROAR - "Falling off the Edge of the World"
* PLANET OF ZEUS - "Behind the Wall of Sleep"
* HEATHENDOM - "Voodoo"
* TARDIVE DYSKINESIA - "Into the Void"
* 1000MODS - "Snowblind"
* ROCK 'N' ROLL CHILDREN - "Children of the Sea"

You can listen to sample of the compilation in the YouTube clip below.

Place your order via e-mail:, 1 April 2013


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