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Video for Tony Iommi’s 2013 Eurovision Contribution “Lonely Planet” Debuts


The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest honors of its kind, with the European Broadcasting Community countries annually battling it out to determine which country has composed the most popular song. This year Black Sabbath‘s Tony Iommi decided to back Armenia by lending his skills to writing and producing a song.

Iommi teamed up with the band Dorians, who performed the track ‘Lonely Planet’ that will enter the battle on May 16. Each year member countries submit songs to be performed live on television and radio and then votes are cast to determine the most popular track in the competition. This year’s Eurovision event takes place in Malmo, Sweden.

The guitar great wrote the music and produced ‘Lonely Planet,’ while Vardan Zadoyan was responsible for the lyrics. Dorians will perform the song during the actual competition. The end result was an upbeat piece of music with some inspirational guitar work. The video for ‘Lonely Planet’ can be seen below. Tony Iommi tweeted, “I’m really pleased how it’s turned out! Fingers crossed for May 16!”

The Eurovision competition is just one thing of major interest for Tony Iommi, as the guitarist and his Black Sabbath bandmates will be offering their new ’13′ album on June 11.


 Chad Childers for Loudwire, 20 March 2013


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