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“13” Album video review from Artisan News

 An invite-only listening party for Black Sabbath's new album, "13" was held on 10 April 2013 at The Montalban theatre in Los Angeles.

The following eight songs were played back:

* End Of The Beginning (8:07)
* God Is Dead? (8:54)
* Loner (5:06)
* Zeitgeist (4:28)
* Age Of Reason (7:02)
* Live Forever (4:49)
* Damaged Soul (7:43)
* Dear Father (7:06)

Black Sabbath will make a rare television appearance when the band performs a new song on the season finale of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". The episode is set to air on Wednesday, May 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS-TV. The band will world premiere a song called "End Of The Beginning" from "13". The episode's plot follows the "CSI" team as they investigate a series of murder that resemble the sins in "Dante's Inferno", with the trail leading the detectives played by Ted Danson and Marc Vann to attend a Sabbath concert.

Watch the Artisan News’ video review of the album:


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 Photo by Shane Hirschman


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