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Black Sabbath’s 2013 European Tour Dates Announced!


Ultimate Classic Rock just announced great news! The dates of Black Sabbath’s European Tour!

“Black Sabbath’s world tour in support of their upcoming album ’13′ is beginning to take shape. The band, which just completed a long-awaited reunion project with original singer Ozzy Osbourne, will play New Zealand, Australia and Japan later this month. Now, a series of 15 European shows have been confirmed, beginning November 20.

Black Sabbath 2013 European Tour:

Nov. 20 – Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
Nov. 22 – Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 24 – Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 26 – Forum, Denmark, Copenhagen
Nov. 28 – Ziggo Dome, Holland, Amsterdam
Nov. 30 – Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
Dec. 02 – Bercy, Paris, France
Dec. 05 – Fiera Arena, Milan, Italy
Dec. 07 – 02 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
Dec. 10 – 02 Arena, London, UK
Dec. 12 – Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Ireland
Dec. 14 – Arena, Sheffield, UK
Dec. 16 – Hydro, Glasgow, UK
Dec. 18 – Arena, Manchester, UK
Dec. 20 – LG Arena, Birmingham, UK

Tickets for Black Sabbath’s UK dates will go on sale on Friday, 12 April at 9am.
North American shows are expected for July and August.”

Get your tickets from 

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 Nick DeRiso for Ultimate Classic Rock, 8 April 2013


Tony Iommi’s legendary Red Gibson SG aka “Monkey” has a second life!


Every fan of Black Sabbath certainly remember Tony Iommi’s famous Red Gibson SG with a sticker showing a pretty monkey playing a fiddle - his first SG. As we know, Tony at the very early times owned a Stratocaster, which broke during the recordings of Sabbath’s first self titled album. The neck pick up simply failed. Tony brought the guitar to repair, and embraced the old spare SG, a guitar which he would be loyal for many years. And the legend began. 

The incredible sound of that Red SG was a beginning of Black Sabbath’s special distinctive sound. Already heavy as hell in Paranoid, it is truly monstrous in Master of Reality. The sound of this guitar – Iommi’s quintessential sound in general, and especially in the first phase of Sabbath story.

Now the legendary guitar is located in retirement under glass on the wall of Hard Rock Cafe in New York. Well-deserved rest after a heroic career! While one very special Iommi fan – luthier Lou Moritz did appear in this incredible story, and his efforts led to the Gibson Monkey’s second life! A true revival of a legendary axe!

Let's give the word to Lou Moritz himself , who is a huge friend of our fansite, and listen to his awesome story!

“Hi Guys ! I have been a Tony Iommi / Black Sabbath fan since I can remember and I always wanted a guitar like Tonys. Several years ago I purchased a used 1965 SG Special with the intentions of making this replica. It had a broken headstock repair , which by the way was done properly and to this day it’s as solid as a rock. Anyway, I stripped the guitar, re finished it in Cherry and began the search for the proper John Birch pickups. Found one on Ebay and the for the other I traded 2 brand new Lindy Fralin P-90’s to a mate in Ireland .

I had a Iommi Forum member give me Tony’s guitar tech, Mike Clement’s email address and I explained to him what I want to do and if he can give me as much info on the guitar as possible. He told me that I can check out the original at the Hard Rock Café in NYC. I called the Hard Rock, talked to the manager there and asked them if I can take several pictures of it. With that I was off to NYC, camera in hand. They let me in about a 1/2 an hour before they opened and let me take as many pictures as I wanted.

With 45 reference pictures in hand I reproduced the pickup rings and cut the pickguard up like in the photo’s. I than took a picture of the Monkey decal and reproduced it in Microsoft Paint program.

All the while I was send progress pictures to Mike and asked him if he can show Tony. Got replies back that Tony was impressed and wanted to see it when it was finished. You can imagine how excited I was when I read that. When Heaven and Hell was in my area for a show Mike called me, told me I was on the Guest List and directed me to the back area of the arena. I met up with Mike, got my Ticket and Back Stage pass and the rest as they say…………is History !

Then I decided to scratch build a copy of Tony’s road Old Boy. Again with Mike’s help along with the original builder John Diggins of Jaydee Guitars’ I made my own replica. Sent progress pic’s to Mike, Mike in turn showed them to Tony. Once again I’m back stage, and after the show in Tony’s dressing room, he’s checking out the guitar.

Tony loves to bust chops and he says to me again, just like he did when he saw the Monkey, “It’s awesome, looks great, nice job etc, etc, but it’s not left handed.” I laughed it off and told him that I built it for myself so that’s why it’s right handed.

He’s hinting on having me build him an SG ! So now lets go to November 2011, Tony was on his book signing tour so I stood in line to get my copy autographed. When I got up to Tony we shook hands, asked me how I was and then he drops the bomb on me. “So have you built me a guitar yet? “ I asked him if was serious, he said yes and I said you got it. The following day I began gathering the supplies, emailed Mike, he told me the spec’s Tony likes and begun the build.

Once finished I shipped it off to Mike and waited for a reply.

Mike replied back that Tony loves it and other than making a few adjustments to Tony’s liking it’s perfect. The SG is used during Sound Check at the Birmingham Black Sabbath Show. Got many emails from Tony’s producer, Mike. etc, on how great it sounds and congrats on a job well done.

Then along comes the recording sessions for the new album “13”. Mike sends me an email saying the SG was used to record one track. Another email a few weeks later saying the SG I built will be used on the upcoming tour ! Man I’m so high right now ! Never I my wildest dreams did I think that not only would I get a chance to meet my Guitar Hero but….I build him a guitar, at his request and then that same guitar gets used to record an album and used on the tour !”

Lou made a fantastic job. Congratulations to Lou from all Iommi heads there!
We really can’t wait to see the new replica guitar in Tony’s hands on upcoming gigs in Australia, New Zealand and Japan! Thank you Lou! The Red SG “Monkey” is back!

Visit guitar luthier Lou Moritz’s website: St. Moritz Guitars

Published with permission, 7 April 2013 
All photos by Lou Moritz

The official artwork revealed for Black Sabbath’s new album “13”!


Black Sabbath‘s “13” album has primarily been something for metalheads to converse about over the last few months, but now we’re getting our first glimpses of the band’s highly anticipated release, as the group has just revealed the album artwork and offered up a song snippet, as well.

The “13” disc is due June 11, and the album cover features the titular number set on fire against a black backdrop. The song snippet appears in the album cover’s video reveal, and features a monster riff by Tony Iommi before concluding with Ozzy Osbourne offering the lines, “Nowhere to run / Nowhere to hide” before it all fades out.

The “13” album will be the band’s first full-length disc of new material with Osbourne fronting the group in 35 years. Sabbath recorded the album in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin. Rage Against the Machine‘s Brad Wilk filled in on drums while a contractual dispute with original drummer Bill Ward continued.

Most of the music was written in 2012 in England, as the band members traveled overseas to be close to Tony Iommi while he was undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Iommi is reportedly in better condition, having completed his chemotherapy, and will join Black Sabbath on their 2013 touring.

“13” was recorded primarily in Los Angeles, the album will be released on Vertigo (worldwide) and Vertigo/Republic in North Ameerica.

Pre order your “13” album in wide variety of formats via  .

 Chad Childers for Loudwire, 4 April 2013

Photo by Vertigo Records


New instruments for Armenia Music School! Who Cares project shows excellent results!


The charity project Who Cares including Tony Iommi, Ian Gillan and friends, released a charity single Out Of My Mind / Holy Water in 2011, and last year also a full length album Who Cares – Tony Iommi & Ian Gillan, and set out to build a musical school for children – victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia gives excellent results. The construction is proceeding well and the new school is expected to open this summer. New musical instruments were donated by Millbank Music.

Tony Iommi himself informs on his official website:
"A big thank you to Tim and the team at Millbank Music in Canada for the huge pile of instruments now on their way to Armenia. With support like this the project was always going to be successful, when the school opens this summer they'll be off to a great start!"

Tony and Ian Gillan are helping Armenia from 1989, they had visited the country together on various occasions in past years, and were awarded by the local government for the long term charity work.

We hope that the worldwide tour with Black Sabbath will not prevent Tony be present at the school’s opening ceremony!

Visit Tony Iommi's official website for full information and pictures:


4 April 2013


Black Sabbath Tribute Album Given Away For Free With Metal Hammer Magazine! A good tribute for Mighty Sabbath done by Metal Hammer Greece!


"Sabbath Cadabra" is a compilation album released by Metal Hammer Greece, which features Greek bands covering tracks from Black Sabbath's entire career. The CD will be given away for free with Metal Hammer Greece issue #340, on sale Tuesday, April 2.

Commented Metal Hammer Greece: "Black Sabbath invented heavy metal. The least we could do in order to celebrate their legacy is to gather some of the best Greek bands and have them play Sabbath's ecstatic music. Enjoy and worship the riff lords."

"Sabbath Cadabra" track listing:

* ROTTING CHRIST - "Black Sabbath"
* INNERWISH - "Neon Knights"
* SEPTEMBER CODE - "Fairies Wear Boots"
* SORROWS PATH - "Killing Yourself to Live"
* NIGHTFALL - "Jerusalem"
* BATTLEROAR - "Falling off the Edge of the World"
* PLANET OF ZEUS - "Behind the Wall of Sleep"
* HEATHENDOM - "Voodoo"
* TARDIVE DYSKINESIA - "Into the Void"
* 1000MODS - "Snowblind"
* ROCK 'N' ROLL CHILDREN - "Children of the Sea"

You can listen to sample of the compilation in the YouTube clip below.

Place your order via e-mail:, 1 April 2013


Musical Lightning: Tesla Coil Plays Black Sabbath At The Centre For Life


The Centre for Life in Newcastle has been showcasing it’s latest scientific device, a musical Tesla Coil that produces arcs of electricity in time to music.

The coil works by transferring rhythms into tuned sound and creating musical lightning.

Ian Simmons from the Centre for Life said: "The sound you hear is actually produced by the lightning. The Tesla Coil works on the same kind of principle as the sound from a thunderstorm, only we have tuned the sound so it's recognisable. We often play the song Paranoid by Black Sabbath but there are other songs people can choose.“

Teslas are largely used for educational and entertainment purposes. It was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1891 and primarily used in wireless telegraphy.

The Centre for Life believes it is the only venue in the country to be exhibiting a musical Tesla Coil.

Video: Black Sabbath in science - an example of Tesla Coil functioning by ArcAttack

Joe Daunt for Sky Tyne and Wear, 27 March 2013


Black Sabbath bandmate Ozzy Osbourne Offers Update on Tony Iommi’s Health


After the treatment against the lymphoma cancer ,which consisted in radio and chemotherapy which Tony has last year, he feels good. According to his bandmate Ozzy Osbourne – Sabbath axeman is doing quite well.

In an interview to an Australian rock site “Rip It Up” Osbourne tells: “Tony’s fine, but he can only go out on the road for six weeks at a time as he has to have infusions or some s… for his immune system. I was amazed that during his chemotherapy he was still writing songs. My heart goes out to him, because when Sharon had cancer a few years back, she was so sick from chemotherapy she could barely get out of bed. It’s like having a football kick to the nuts. The chemotherapy is worse than the cancer – Sharon was like [the possessed child Regan in] ‘The Exorcist,’ having seizures all the time. Tony is doing really well though.”

Our hearts goes out to Tony too! We have been anxiously following the news about his health. On last photographs posted on Black Sabbath’s Official Facebook page, Tony looks fine, he visibly recovered, and his hair had grown back. Now, when the terrible disease is gone, we wish Tony all the best, strongest health, professional success, and of course, all his dreams to come true!

Our Iron Man is back!


18 March 2013


Video for Tony Iommi’s 2013 Eurovision Contribution “Lonely Planet” Debuts


The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest honors of its kind, with the European Broadcasting Community countries annually battling it out to determine which country has composed the most popular song. This year Black Sabbath‘s Tony Iommi decided to back Armenia by lending his skills to writing and producing a song.

Iommi teamed up with the band Dorians, who performed the track ‘Lonely Planet’ that will enter the battle on May 16. Each year member countries submit songs to be performed live on television and radio and then votes are cast to determine the most popular track in the competition. This year’s Eurovision event takes place in Malmo, Sweden.

The guitar great wrote the music and produced ‘Lonely Planet,’ while Vardan Zadoyan was responsible for the lyrics. Dorians will perform the song during the actual competition. The end result was an upbeat piece of music with some inspirational guitar work. The video for ‘Lonely Planet’ can be seen below. Tony Iommi tweeted, “I’m really pleased how it’s turned out! Fingers crossed for May 16!”

The Eurovision competition is just one thing of major interest for Tony Iommi, as the guitarist and his Black Sabbath bandmates will be offering their new ’13′ album on June 11.


 Chad Childers for Loudwire, 20 March 2013


Black Sabbath: First North American Tour Date Announced!


Black Sabbath will launch it’s world tour with a series of dates beginning next month in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Later this summer, the band will kick off its North American tour which will keep the band on the road from late July through September and includes one Canadian stop, on August 14 at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. Tickets for the Toronto concert go on sale on April 13.

The three original members are joined on the album by Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk, who may or may not tour with them as well. Founding drummer Bill Ward is sitting out the reunion over a contractual dispute., 14 March 2013

Black Sabbath Unveil Release Date of Upcoming Album “13”+ New Studio Footage


Black Sabbath‘s upcoming album ‘13’ has finally been given a solid release date! The highly anticipated record will be unleashed on June 11. Sabbath have also launched a pre-order campaign for ‘13’, offering everything from a simple CD to a ‘Super Deluxe Box Set.’

‘13’ was originally meant to feature the classic line up of Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward), but due to a contract squabble involving Ward, the iconic drummer dropped out of the Sabbath reunion. In his place, Rage Against the Machine stickman Brad Wilk manned the skins on the forthcoming album.

Guitarist Tony Iommi’s cancer diagnosis also threw a wrench in the works for Black Sabbath’s 2012 world tour plans, but the master of the riff heroically pressed on, constantly writing and recording new material throughout his ongoing recovery process. Thankfully, any doubts harbored by Sabbath fans have been squashed now that ‘13’ has an official release date of June 11.

As a Black Sabbath fanatic down to your bones, you may have trouble deciding which pre-order offer to dedicate your money towards, but fear not, here’s a breakdown of the goodies Sabbath have made available. If just pre-ordering a CD isn’t enough for your Sabbath fix, the band is also offering a double CD in a deluxe soft pack, which contains an extra album of exclusive bonus audio. ’13′ will also be printed on 12″ heavyweight (180g) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

Finally, for the hardcore fans, there’s the Super Deluxe Box Set containing the double CD and vinyl pressings of ’13,’ along with an exclusive DVD of the documentary ‘Black Sabbath – The Re-union,’ plus five behind-the-scenes videos, a download card containing exclusive track-by-track interviews with the band, 13 exclusive photographic prints and hand-written album lyrics by members of the band.

Black Sabbath have also unveiled a new three-minute video of producer Rick Rubin in the studio with Sabbath. In the clip, Rubin directs Black Sabbath through recording their new material, which is showcased in bits and pieces throughout the video. Although we only get a few seconds to peek into what has become ‘13’, the sound presented is quintessentially Black Sabbath.

Check out Black Sabbath’s new studio footage in the player below, and to pre-order ‘13’, head on over to Sabbath’s official website:

In addition, anyone who pre-orders any of these formats via will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of VIP tickets to an official "13" album launch event in London, including a meet-and-greet with the band, flights and accommodation. Additional details and full terms and conditions on the contest can be found at

Video: Rick Rubin on Producing Black Sabbath's New Album, '13'

Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann, 13 March 2013

Photo Tim Whitby, Getty Images



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