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Tony Iommi becomes Visiting Professor at Coventry university


Guitar Superstar Tony Iommi is already the master of the riff, but now, the heavy metal God is now a music professor at Coventry University!

Last year, Iommi was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by Coventry University “in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music.” These honorary doctorates are usually awarded simply to show appreciation, but Coventry have taken Iommi’s affiliation with them to the next level. Iommi has officially been appointed as a Visiting Professor of Music.

With his new role, Iommi actually carried out his first official engagement on campus in May, imparting the shredder’s own wisdom upon students. 

“To watch Tony interact with the students was an absolute privilege,” says Dr. Geoff Willcocks, Coventry University’s Director of Arts and Culture. “He was incredibly generous and open with them about all aspects of his work. Tony is without doubt a rock icon and he’s an inspiration to so many people around the world.  It’s wonderful to have such an important and respected international figure working with us.”

Dr. Sara Reed, Head of Department for Performing Arts at the University, adds, “It is a tremendous honour to have Tony here with us as a Visiting Professor. His huge wealth of experience and musical knowledge is beyond value to our students. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to learn from such an immensely talented individual and all in the department sincerely look forward to working with Tony in the future.”

Tony Iommi plans to return to Coventry for the fall semester to work directly with some extremely lucky students on their songwriting and composition skills.


Graham Hartmann for Loudwire, 6 June 2014

Photo Coventry university

Black Sabbath's Russian triumph


For the first time in rock history, the Original Black Sabbath line up toured Russia, playing triumphant complete sold out gigs in Moscow's Olympic Stadium and Ice Palace in St. Petersburg 31 May and 3 June 2014. Below is an enthusiastic article from a Russian newspaper:

After series of successful concerts in North and South America, Australia and Asia, monsters of rock Black Sabbath has announced the European leg of the tour.

The concert in Moscow on 1 June 2014, at Olympic stadium was one of the most important shows of the world tour 2013-2014 in support of the band's last studio album, recorded by original line up for the first time in 35 years. The album "13" is literally "blew up" the charts of radio stations in thirteen countries of the world, including the United States.

For over three decades, rock/metal fans worldwide were waiting for original Sabbath reunion, but few people could have foreseen such a glorious return, with a new album and concert tour. 

The new album includes compositions, such as "God is dead?" , "End of the Beginning" and "Lоner" that have already become hits. There is no doubt that with the new album legendary rockers from Birmingham have established their strong leadership position in the world of hard and heavy, and justified their status as fathers - creators of heavy metal. Black Sabbath sold over 70 million copies of records around the world. 

Legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Terry Geezer Butler and Sabbath's primary composer Guitar Superstar Tony Iommi, started the world tour 2013 on 20 April. European tour leg coincides with the release of DVD and Blu-ray "Black Sabbath: Live ... Gаthered in their masses". Record was made on 29 April and 1 May 2013 in Melbourne and includes the first concert version songs from the album "13", as well as the band's classic hits. 

A couple of years ago it was observed that rock group from Moscow Command BAG and British heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath are linked by a mysterious ties. And in our physical world this mystique came out with a real fact: Command BAG was honoured to open Black Sabbath's Moscow gig at Olympic stadium . Command BAG were selected to their role as a warm up band by Black Sabbath's severe management.

Check out the photographs from the band's press conference in Moscow on our Facebook page TONY IOMMI Fan-Tastic

6 June 2014

Video footage Of Abu Dhabi press conference and concert


A video footage of Black Sabbath's May 28 press conference at the Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi was recently uploaded by Gulf News TV, United Arab Emirates ahead of the band's concert Thursday night at du Arena, Yas Island. 

Tony Iommi said that the massive July 4 gig at London's Hyde Park could be the band's last because the touring can be tough on him: "To be honest I don't want to be touring to this extent too much longer, because it makes me feel so bad."

Geezer Butler, thinks that the threesome already have a head start on a new record, explaining, "We've still got four tracks left over from '13'. So maybe we'll fill in the other four or five tracks and put out another album — if it's right. We wouldn't do it just for the sake of it, or the money or whatever. But yeah, maybe."

Ozzy added, "I never say never. I never thought after 35 years I'd have a No. 1 record and a sold-out tour."

Abu Dhabi gig setlist:

*War Pigs 

*Into the Void 

*Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes 


*Age of Reason 

*Black Sabbath 

*Behind the Wall of Sleep 

*N.I.B. (Preceded by "Bassically" … more)

*End of the Beginning 

*Fairies Wear Boots 

*Rat Salad (with Drum Solo)

*Iron Man 

*God Is Dead? 

*Dirty Women 

*Children of the Grave 

Encore:*Paranoid (with "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" intro)

Watch the fanmade videos of Abu Dhabi gig below:



31 May 2014

Black Sabbath Superstar is the Pride of Birmingham!


Birmingham is revealing a great place on world map, giving recognition to it's best sons! We cite an article from Birmingham Mail:

"The Pride of Birmingham. It’s the biggest awards night the city has ever seen. We will be celebrating the courage, caring and compassion of remarkable people who make a difference. Those who are the real pride of Birmingham.

Celebrities from showbiz and sport, rock and pop, film and TV will join host Gaby Roslin as the Birmingham Mail honours heroes from all walks of life at a glittering ceremony at historic Birmingham Town Hall. It’s on Friday September 26 and tickets go on sale soon. Make a note in your diary now. Because Pride of Birmingham, sponsored by Virgin Trains, is going to be a BIG night, and is destined to become an unmissable annual event.

Among those helping to present the awards will be Black Sabbath Superstar Tony Iommi!

Catch up with all the latest news on facebook page Birmingham Mail, and with twitter hashtag #PrideofBrum. "

Read the whole article and nominate Tony Iommi Pride of Birmingham here:


Christina Savvas for Birmingham Mail, 21 May 2014


Tony says: Hyde Park could be Sabbath's last gig


Tony Iommi has told Metal Hammer that Black Sabbath's headline appearance at the Barclaycard British Summer Time festival at London's Hyde Park might be the British metal institution's final gig.

The July 4 show, the closing date on the band's summer 2014 tour, will see Sabbath headline above Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead and Soulfly on the festival's main stage. And according to Iommi, it could be the end of the road for the legendary band.

"It could be the last ever Sabbath show,” the guitarist admits. “I don't want it to be, but there's nothing really planned touring-wise after that show, so for all we know that could be it really. To be honest I don't want to be touring to this extent too much longer, because it makes me feel so bad.”

Tony Iommi has been undergoing medical treatment since being diagnosed with lymphoma in January 2012. The guitarist completed his treatment in March and is now awaiting an update on his condition.

"I'm at a stage now where I have no support, which means I have to see whether the cancer is coming back or if it's still there or what,” he says. “I just don't know. It's a bit of a worry. After we finish this tour I'll go in and have scan, so we'll see what that shows up. But the show at Hyde Park will a great way to end the European tour,” he says. “It has a really great bill, with a really good mix of people. We haven't made any specific plans as the gig is a way off yet, but I think it'll be special.” 


Paul Brannigan for Metal Hammer, 14 May 2014


LA Hollywood Bowl gig footage, American tour leg is over


Fan-filmed video footage of Black Sabbath's April 26 concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California can be seen below.

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. War Pigs 

02. Into The Void 

03. Under The Sun 

04. Snowblind 

05. Age Of Reason 

06. Black Sabbath 

07. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 

08. N.I.B. 

09. End Of The Beginning 

10. Fairies Wear Boots 

11. Rat Salad (with "Supernaut" instrumental and Drum Solo)

12. Iron Man 

13. God Is Dead? 

14. Dirty Women 

15. Children Of The Grave


16. Paranoid (with "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" intro)

Finally the North American tour leg is over, and our boys are back home. We wish the Master a good relax, and can't wait to see him playing European dates! 

Nice holidays at home, Tony and Sabbath!  The tour will start 29 May with Abu Dhabi gig, then - Russia and Scandinavian countries. 

God bless you, Great Lefty!

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Revolver Golden Gods 2014 see our boys get Album of the Year!


The Revolver Golden Gods Awards took place Wednesday night, April 23 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, where our Tony in behalf of Black Sabbath was awarded Album of the Year for "13".




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Tony Iommi talks about the future


Our Tony spoke to Absolute Radio ahead of the band playing British Summertime @ Hyde Park later this year. On great form Tony Iommi told that he was looking forward to the event, gave an update on his cancer treatment and new album possibilities.

"- How did you feel when you were asked to do this?

- Well, I mean, it’s great, it’s really great to be playing in England again anyway. But, to do that gig is a legendary gig, and we’ve never done that, so that’s really brilliant, another first in our lifetime, you know.

On cancer treatment:
- Everybody wants to know, how are you in yourself, how’s your health?

- It’s okay thanks. I’ve finished a treatment two years ago which I’ve been on for two years now, so now it’s just wait and see really. I mean, it’s not going to go away, I just have to try and control it, and they want to take me off the treatment now and see what happens. They’ll probably check me up again when I get back. I just have constant checks really and see if it’s growing or what, you know.

- But, you’ve still got the stamina to go on stage and everything like that?

- Yes, what tires me out more than everything is the travelling and the late hours really, I find that hard on my body at the moment. Maybe once I’ve been off the treatment a bit it might get a bit better, because I think the treatment drags me down and makes me very tired, and feeling sick and stuff. So, maybe now I’ve stopped for a while my stamina may come back.

- We’re all absolutely impressed that you are going through this treatment whilst performing, it’s just brilliant.

- Oh thanks, yes, well I don’t have any option, I have to have it, and I want to play, so you know, I just get on with it. When I told them at first that I was going to be touring they went, oh god, I mean, they were quite shocked thinking I would be going out on tour. But, you know, we’ve coped with it now for the last year so it’s been alright.

- That is brilliant. And, 50 years ago, when you first got signed, and you were first starting out, did you ever envisage that you’d be going all this time later, and then headlining at Hyde Park?

- No. You never really think of stuff like that, really all you think about is you want to get out and play, and you want to get to as many people as you can, and go as many places as you can. And, that was what we wanted to do, and try and conquer different territories and it’s brilliant, you know, and here we are going all the way round and back in England again.

On a new Black Sabbath album
- Are you going to be working on a new album?

- We don’t know yet. We’ve left everything really loose for the last couple of years, basically because of me. But, I think we’d like to do another album, but we’ll have to see. We’re going to finish this tour off, and no doubt within this tour we’ll be talking about if we’re going to do anymore of anything. But, I think an album would be great, although, you know, after the last one, it would probably be an anti-climax to have another one, I don’t know."

Tony is a true Hero. He worked for months writing an album, and is touring the whole world under chemotherapy treatment.  This is not a joke, guys. Not many people have such courage and determination. Tony is a masterpiece of a human being. God bless you Tony!  You are the one and only. 


VVN MUSIC, 17 April 2014

Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Tony and Sabbath boys rock Canada!


The glorious Black Sabbath tour is going on! The boys played gigs in Montreal QC, London ON, Hamilton ON, and Ottawa ON in Canada. That's what Ottawa Citizen writes about last night with Sabbath:

It was a massive night of metal at the Garage on Sunday as a mostly reunited Black Sabbath roared into town on the strength of the very successful disc 13, the band’s first studio album in many years.

Just seeing and hearing original members Tony Iommi, who has recently fought off cancer, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne back together again after several years apart might almost have been enough for some diehards, but for those looking for some entertainment, the band did not disappoint. Ozzy’s voice may have lost just a tiny bit of range as time and life have taken a toll, but no matter. Butler’s pounding bass and Iommi’s skilful guitar chops remain untarnished.

The essence of Sabbath is the hard-edged blues rock that they started with in the late 1960s and 13, the “new” album, has recaptured that more-stripped-down style. It has been surprisingly popular, rising to become the band’s first No. 1. It should not come as too much of a surprise that the band credits the respected producer Rick Rubin with the direction of the disc. There is, at the essence of any great band, something elemental that can capture an audience and keep that following over the decades, expanding it even to a new generation. We are talking 45 years in the case of Black Sabbath, which emerged from the working class streets of Birmingham in industrial-strength Britain.

Sunday night they played some songs from the new disc including stomping out Age of Reason, End of the Beginning and God Is Dead?

But most fans were primed for the hits and Black Sabbath knows where the bread is buttered. So they opened with a raunchy version of War Pigs, with the pumped-up audience of 13,000 standing and singing like a massive chorus, and then featured throughout the show such goodies as Into the Void, Fairies Wear Boots, Black Sabbath (featuring a crowd full of flicked lighters) and a slamming version of Iron Man. The night ended with a rocking version of Paranoid.

The evening opened with a dexterous performance by the Saskatoon native Jordan Cook, a.k.a. Reignwolf. The young man pounded on a kick drum and wielded a seriously mean guitar. He stepped that way up during a solo stint when he hammered on a set of drums while simultaneously playing his axe. Reignwolf provided the perfect start for a full evening meal of the heavy stuff.

In the end though, there was no doubt — on Sunday night, Black Sabbath ruled.

By Peter Robb for Ottawa Citizen, 14 April 2014

Photo by Alexander John McWatters

Sabbath guys receive Platinum Awards For 13, Live... Gathered In Their Masses in Montreal


The godfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, were handed platinum awards by Universal Canada earlier today for sales of their 2013 reunion album, 13, (100,000 units) and their live DVD, Live... Gathered In Their Masses (10,000 units).   

Osbourne says Tony Iommi is in good health as far as he knows and playing as strongly as ever.

“I haven’t had one of them dark phone calls so I presume he’s okay. He’s unbelievable. I mean, any of us could be diagnosed with cancer. I always think cancer means death. I didn’t know anybody who’d recovered. My wife recovered from colon cancer and that was the first person I ever knew. But he just accepts it and gets on with it. I mean it’s got to be worrying. But he’s doing fine I think, I hope. He’s unbelievable. We all know our job, we all know our craft but he’s a very talented guy. Considering on his fret hand he’s got no fingertips, he plays with prosthetic fingers at the end. I’ve often said to him, ‘How the hell do you know when you’re touching the  strings?’ I don’t know. It’s amazing.” 

Black Sabbath held a press conference on Monday before their show at the Bell Centre in Montreal, and video of the event has surfaced.

Read the whole Ozzy Osbourne interview on

8 April 2014

Photographs by Mitch Lafon

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