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Tony Iommi and Brian May to participate on a Cozy Powell memorial plaque unveiling


Rock legends are being brought together for the unveiling of a plaque in Cirencester (UK) that honours the town’s most famous musician, reports Wilts And Gloucestershire Standard.

Talented drummer Cozy Powell played in host of huge rock bands in the 80s including, The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath and was regarded as one of the best drummers of his generation.

In 1998 the rock world was in mourning when Cozy who loved fast cars was killed in a car accident on the M4. But Cozy's memory lives on and Cirencester Town Council decided to create the plaque to remember him, which will be unveiled at the Corn Hall in the town on January 7th, by Queen guitarist Brian May who was good friends with Cozy.

And a  number of Cozy’s rock star friends will also be attending the event including Black Sabbath lead guitarist and founder Tony Iommi and American musician Suzy Quatro.

Tony posted the following message on his Facebook page on Christmas Day:

"I was going to make a video clip for Christmas but I’ve had the flu and couldn’t speak! Have a Happy Christmas and hopefully a re-charge wherever you are in the world. My daughter sent me a video, check it out here. 

Very best wishes, Tony"

Get well soon, dear Master! No flu can stop you! Merry Christmas from all Iommifans around the world! We love you, Tony!,, 25 December 2015

Tony featured in a Christmas charity single by Aston Villa footballers


According to Birmingham Mail, Black Sabbath's legend, guitarist Tony Iommi is featured in the video for a new Christmas charity song recorded by U.K. soccer legends Stiliyan Petrov and James Milner.

"Christmas Way By 19 & 7" (a reference to Petrov and Milner's shirt numbers) will raise funds for the NSPCC, Help For Heroes and blood cancer charity Bloodwise.

Petrov and Iommi have battled leukemia and lymphoma.

"Christmas Way By 19 & 7" was written by songwriter and producer Glenn James McDonald and features contributions from THE NEALES, finalists in "Britain's Got Talent"; Jonny Marenghi, who sang with Gary Barlow on the ITV show "Journey To Afghanistan"; and the recently crowned winner of "BBC Songs Of Praise Gospel Choir Of The Year."

Iommi's role is one of ambassador for the track.

Glenn, who has built studios for Iommi and JUDAS PRIEST's Glenn Tipton, said: "I played [the song] to Tony. Bear in mind I'm with the dark lord of heavy rock, and he said, 'That sounds like Christmas.'"

"Christmas Way by 19 & 7" was released on Friday, December 18 and is available now on iTunes.

In these days Black Sabbath with Tommy Clufetos are busy rehearsing in Los Angeles, getting ready for the upcoming tour. Long life Sabbath!, 20 December 2015


Soul singer Charles Bradley covers Sabbath's Changes


Soul heavyweight Charles Bradley has just released an absolutely beautiful cover of Black Sabbath‘s “Changes.” Expanding on Sabbath’s blues influence, Bradley turns “Changes” into a soulful powerhouse drenched in a heavy emotional sweat.

Charles Bradley has been an active musician for an astounding 50 years; singing for longer than Black Sabbath or the metal genre has even existed. Despite this, Bradley didn’t release his first solo album until 2011, finally breaking out at the age of 62.“Changes” is a standout track in the career of Black Sabbath, departing from the pure heavy metal sound showcased throughout their legendary Vol. 4 album.

Charles Bradley holds a special connection to “Changes.” “I think about the lyrics very closely when I sing ‘Changes’ and get emotional,” Bradley says in a statement. “It makes me think of my mother and the changes in my life since she passed away. ”Bradley’s music video for “Changes” conveys his raw emotional state. He expresses more simply with facial expressions than a whole cinematic narrative could carry. The song’s power pierces through the computer screen, so be sure to prepare for an intense experience.

Check out Charles Bradley’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” in the clip below!, 10 December 2015


An Audience with Tony Iommi... event in Birmingham


Birmingham Mail recently wrote:


Birmingham rock legend Tony Iommi will take to the stage at Town Hall, Birmingham on March 19 for a unique event that will see him reviewing his life and career at the forefront of one of the biggest bands in rock music history.

Widely renowned as one of the world’s finest guitarists, Iommi, one of the founding members of the iconic Black Sabbath, will be in conversation with his friend, and well known TV sports presenter, Gary Newbon.

Sabbath appeared at The Town Hall on a number of occasions in the early 70s and Tony Iommi was last on stage here in 2015 for the Pride of Birmingham Awards. An Audience With Tony Iommi promises to give everyone a unique insight into one of rock’s most compelling and influential performers and one of Birmingham’s most famous sons. 

The tickets, priced £17.50 (subject to a £3 transaction fee and optional £1 postage), are actually sold out.


Town Hall & Symphony Hall Birmingham, 10 December 2015


Tony Iommi: “You find the right guitar and you make it your own…”


At this year’s Q Awards, Tony Iommi received the Gibson Les Paul Award for his innovation with the guitar. Honouring of the Black Sabbath man was in fact the latest chapter in the long-running story between Iommi and Gibson. In a guest column he explains how their SG model not only saved his playing career after a hand injury, but also Black Sabbath’s self-titled first album…

"When I was young I played accordion – all my relations played accordion or drums – I didn’t particular want one, but that’s what I got. I actually wanted a set of drums but we had a tiny house so there was no room to set a kit up even if I could have afforded one. So the accordion got me rolling, but I really liked the idea of playing guitar. My mother bought me my first guitar and went from there really. I really liked playing, I’d just sit in my bedroom practising, listening to records and the radio, trying to play the particular tunes.

After my first acoustic guitar I wanted an electric, but being left-handed it was difficult to get one. Very few came into the country, though eventually I got a Strat, but I had to switch to Gibson. When we were doing the first album for Black Sabbath my Fender’s pick-up went when we were recording – and we only had a day in the studio! I had a Gibson SG that I’d never really played as a back-up, but I used that for the album and really got into it! As we recorded the first album with it, that was it. I stuck with the Gibson.

It was a really good guitar for me in fact because I’d cut the ends of my fingers off in a factory accident as a teenager. The SG was great as I was able to get up to the high frets – my fingers weren’t long enough to reach them on other models. So I really took to it.

After my accident I had to find a new way of playing. I couldn’t play chords the way I did before, so I had to come up with my own way of making a big sound. It got me into a new style of playing. I think if I hadn’t had the accident I wouldn’t be playing the way I do now – I don’t know where I would have been. I’d probably have packed up by now!

Now my old Gibson is in a case in the Hard Rock Café, New York. I had to retire it after taking it on the road so much I was worried it wouldn’t survive after all the years of battering it around. It just had a sound and feel I like. Every guitar definitely has a personality. A certain sound and feel. After years of playing the SG I did try some other models but it just didn’t feel the same, with a guitar you find the right one and you make it your own. It’s hard to replace that.", 2 December 2015

Laney manufactures 24 special exclusive TI100 stacks


Great news from Laney Amplification! 

It started with Laney, it ends with Laney!

Laney Amplification and Black Sabbath's own Tony Iommi have come together to commemorate the end of an era with something very special indeed! 24 uniquely numbered TI100 signature stacks personally played and signed by the man himself! Also included are x5 commemorative postcards, a poster and an official certificate of authenticity.

Follow the link below to find yours, but hurry! Only 24 available worldwide …EVER!!! 

Click here to find an official Laney dealer in your country and contact them about your esclusive Iommi stack:


Official Laney, 2 December 2015

Tony Iommi signs a rare collectors item for WaterAid

Tony Iommi just posted on his Facebook page the following statement! 

"I signed a unique ‪#‎vinyl‬ disc & a Gibson Les Paul Standard for the WaterAid Q Awards auction. All funds raised will help bring clean water to people around the world. Bid now!"

The Q Awards are the annual music awards run by Q, the UK's biggest music magazine.

Tony Iommi has signed this exclusive Q Awards vinyl and album CD in support of WaterAid. This vinyl was exclusively produced for the Q Awards 2015 and as such is a unique collectible! Iommi also signed album Fused, making this an incredible package!  An ideal Christmas present this item is a real must have!  Do not miss your only chance to get it, bid now!



28 November 2015,


Tony Iommi would love to release more Black Sabbath music

Living Legend Tony Iommi has told U.K.'s Q magazine that he would love to make another studio album with the band. He explained: "I've got so many riffs. I wrote a whole load of stuff for another album and we met up in L.A. but the others... well, Geezer [Butler, bass] didn't particularly want to do another album. Then again, after you've just had a No. 1 album, where do you go from there? For the last LP, we did record 16 songs [and only used 11], so we may still put something out from that. We don't know yet. Do I intend to stop playing? No. It's the touring, really [that is difficult]. I'd love to do something with the guys. But, whatever happens, I will do something."

Although Black Sabbath initially announced it would record a follow-up to 2013's No. 1 reunion album "13" — and even hinted at having songs ready — that talk has faded while the band has instead unveiled next year's farewell tour. Singer Ozzy Osbourne confirmed to The Pulse Of Radio that the album plans have been scrapped. "We were gonna do one before the tour, but I'm 67 in December, it would take three or four years to write and record an album," he said. "And so we decided just to do a farewell tour. If we did an album and it went to No. 2, people would go, 'It's over.' There's only one more place you can go after No. 1 and that's No. 2, you know."


28 Novembre 2015,

Former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau: Tony Iommi is undoubtedly the father of heavy metal


Back in May, the first ever tribute album to Black Sabbath guitar god Tony Iommi, entitled Great Lefty: Live Forever - Tribute To Tony Iommi, Godfather Of Metal, was released via Tanzan Music.

Speaking with Lorenzo Gandolfi, former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau talks about how he met Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath and about his appearance on Great Lefty: Live Forever.

"The first extended US tour I did with Boston it was as opening act for Black Sabbath. I had already heard about them, but I did’t know them very well back then, and the combination between our classic rock and their heavy metal seemed to be rather risky to me. I must say that the audience received us very well and Sabbath guys did everything to make us feel right, including let us plenty of time to remain on stage. 

“The first time I heard Black Sabbath I was really impressed with how "big" was their sound, despite there were only three instruments. Tony was always impeccable on stage, but once the performance was finished he used to turn into a very nice, quiet person, down to earth and with a great sense of humor: a perfect English gentleman. 

“Tony is undoubtedly the father of heavy metal, Black Sabbath have created a genre and managed to make it evolve in different directions, always with Tony as a leader, and still continue to influence new generations of musicians. 

“Tony’s music is not based on a usual verse / chorus structure, his arrangements have continuous changes and very often there are instrumental parts that seem to bring the song somewhere, up to bring it back to the starting point. This approach helped me to face the songwriting process from a different perspective, making me grow a lot as a musician, and trying to get out from the usual schemes to get closer to what could be called a musical journey, instead of a sterile trivial piece.” 

“For Great Lefty record, I was asked to play with Kyle Cousins, he's a big fan of Tony and Sabbath, and of course of Ronnie James Dio, incredible singer and a wonderful person that I got to know, and who treated me like a brother since the day we met. “Playing "Heaven and Hell" I did’t want to get too far from the original version of Tony, I tried to be as close as possible, limiting myself to add something of my own here and there. I recorded the solo in a single take without even time to think too much about what I was doing: I hope I have done justice to the composition.", 18 November 2015


Tony to appear at Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp: one-in-a-lifetime-experience for hardcore fans


It's been announced a while ago, an amazing experience, that a talented kid, a teenager starting to play an instrument or even an adult rock and roll hardcore fan, can have once in a life, is by joining the Hollywood's Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp, where his most surreal dreams will become true. Our Tony Iommi is to headline this fantastic event in February of next year. Our TonyIommiFanTastic team got in touch with Valerie from the Camp, a very nice and charming person, who gently shared with us some useful information. 


Four of the greatest guitarists come together in Los Angeles to headline one of the most amazing Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp’s ever assembled on Presidents Day/Grammy weekend, Feb. 11-14, 2016.  Campers will have the opportunity to meet and jam with guitarists Tony Iommi, Steve Vai, Warren Haynes, and Zakk Wylde at this once-in-a-lifetime event.  In addition, the weekend will culminate with campers and their bands performing at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the students at Coventry University and the ‘Guitar Star’ contestants so I’m looking forward to meeting some more enthusiastic players at the Fantasy Camp,” said Iommi.

Tony Iommi is a founding member and lead guitar player of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy winning hard rock band, Black Sabbath.  He is synonymous with his innovative, de-tuned, dark riffs that are considered the blueprint for hundreds of bands that followed.  
Also appearing will be Warren Haynes, who is best known for his work as longtime guitarist with the Allman Brothers Band and founding member of the jam band Gov’t Mule, as well as touring with Phil Lesh and The Dead.  Haynes will be joined by Zakk Wylde, who is best known known as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and founder of the band Black Label Society. He was also the lead guitarist and vocalist in Pride & Glory, and as a solo artist he released “Book of Shadows.”  

Rounding out the line-up is Grammy Award-winning artist, Steve Vai. He has sold over 15 million albums and has recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, Public Image Ltd., Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, and as a solo artist.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp is a non-competitive atmosphere designed for all levels of musicians and music enthusiasts. Participants are placed in bands with like-minded people and skill level to make for an off-the-charts experience.  The bands will rehearse under the guidance of a rock star counselor including Vinny Appice (Dio), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot), Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Vic Johnson (Sammy Hagar), Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen)  and Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper).

For additional information, please visit or call 888.762.BAND.

ABOUT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY CAMP: For our campers, this is a life changing experience. Some of the campers play well and even gave up careers as musicians to become CEOs and lawyers. Some campers can’t play at all. What they all have in common is passion for rock music. At Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp they all get to pursue their passion – and meet, and play with the artists who became the soundtrack of their lives
David Fishof is the founder and creator of the famed Rock 'n’ Roll Fantasy Camp where rock dreams become reality. The idea came to him after years of producing rock tours throughout the word. He's been honored to work with veteran rockers, Roger Daltrey, Levon Helm, Joe Walsh, Roger Hodgson, Todd Rundgren, Jack Bruce, Dr. John, Randy Bachman, and so many more. He feels fortunate to have seen their talent first hand. David's desire to share this experience with you, gave him the inspiration to produce the one-of- a-kind, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.
Past rock star camp headliners have included Jeff Beck, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Joe Perry (Aerosmith) Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, Gene Simmons (KISS), Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule), Dave Davies (The Kinks), Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones), Slash, Bret Michaels (Poison), Cheap Trick, Jack Bruce (Cream), Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh, Meatloaf, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Duff McKagan , (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), among others. 





CONTACT Eileen Thompson-Ray / Maureen O’ or moconnor@rogersandcowan.com310.854.8137 or 8116, 18 November 2015


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