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Welcome to the fansite for fans and supporters of Tony Iommi!

If you have ever met Tony, we'd like to hear about it and you can tell us using our social networks, or by contacting us privately, using a email option button. There is also a section on which you can add your name and address to a petition form which will be sent to the UK Honours Committee when complete.

A large selection of Tony Iommi's official merchandise is available from, where we redirect you from our fansite.      

This is not a Tony Iommi's official website but an unofficial fansite. A tribute to the Master, done with respect and admiration by his fans. The very people who have made it possible for Tony to provide over fifty years of unique music and about whom he says “none of us are anything without our fans”! You can find lots of interesting information and latest news regarding Tony throughout the site, and visit and follow us on social networks.

Please enjoy it and help us if you will. After all these years of brilliant service to music, there can be none more deserving of an official honour than the World's best heavy metal guitarist - Tony Iommi!

Rosie Iommifan Piergiorgi & John Terry

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